Wish TillyTino™

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This is little Wish.
She is a fluffy dandelion seed .
She knows that believing in wishes can make wonderful things happen.
(Wish's toadstools are also available to order)

She stands at approx .9cm tall (plus whispy bits)
Just like all other TillyTinos™ she has a trademark silver tone leaf charm around her neck and sticker on her base to prove she's genuine.

Her body is made of turned wood and her face is a mix of acrylic and wool blend felts with marabou trim.

Every single TillyTino™ Is handmade to order which makes each one special and ever so slightly different from the last. The photos are there as a guide but please be aware that the one you adopt may have teeny variations.

She is a collectable or a "shelfie" and is a thing of beauty that's a joy to behold way up high away from curious little people. Because grown ups like pretty things too

•••please read••••
Wish is sweet but she is absolutely NOT A TOY.
She or any of the parts included cannot be touched by children unless under adult supervision as she has tiny little parts which may present as choking hazards and isnt intended to be handled by little fingers as it just wouldn't be safe and we don't want anyone getting hurt.