About my Beautiful Mess

I just thought I'd add a little bit about where I started, way back when in the golden days of 2014.

Very much a family affair,  EBM consists of me, mister EBM and our two beautiful little messes, aged 10 and 4 making and building a business from our little home in Hull, East Yorkshire. 

My son was three months old and I really wanted a special cloudy mobile to hang over his cot - now I'm no seamstress and hadn't used a sewing machine since I was at school. But I thought I'd have a bash anyway.  Why not?!

I never intended to start a business, but after posting my amateur efforts at mobile making on facebook, it seemed people were interested and cheered me on when I started my Facebook page. 

We have grown lots over the past few years, learnt lots and taken risks. The business has all but taken over our house - certainly our kitchen- and once we have both of our kiddywinks at school we can expand into our own premises but until then we are happy making and creating where we are.

The fact that both of us are able to be home with our children just means the world and can only happen because of all your lovely support so thank you so so much, I really can't thank you all enough.


2017 update - the year we grew into a shop!

What a year! I've never been so thrilled, stressed, tired or elated at the year we "did the shop".  It's always been talked about as a future plan but even I didn't expect to be signing on any dotted lines this year. It all started with a simple enquiry, then a viewing and then my little mind wouldn't let me let it go and without the money or resources we somehow did it - I still don't know how but it's best not to question these things. We did all the work ourselves with a little help from family and friends and created a "jumping off point" where we can open and grow our products and our range into a mini empire. There's a room for mister ebm to work, a lovely big office for me to work which is comfortable enough to pose as a family room when needed and a fantastic dual aspect shop front which means lots of lovely big windows that need pretty things in them. 


Thanks for being with us as us as this crazy ride continues 

love Ellie xx