Valentines Cards

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Relationships can be complicated but Valentine’s cards don’t need to be. ❤️ To me, you are the finest human. My queen / king *delete as appropriate 

My cards are printed and embellished by hand and I stitch a red glitter heart for each one which can also be personalised with anything - like ANYTHING - you’d like. 

Oh and I assure you that I will handle any sickeningly sweet pet names you have for each other with the highest level of confidentiality. You don’t get that kind of service from Moonpig!

if you select a personalised card, please make sure you write me a note as you checkout detailing what you’d like me to add to the heart on your card and it shall be done. 

Each card comes with stickers to seal the envelope and is left blank inside (for your to write a smutty, private message of your own *wink wink*)