The TillyTinoWeen Collection

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Here they are!! I've been working in my lab for a few late nights and created this little cutie spooky bums. 

Dotty the toadstool is dressed up as a pretty little pumpkin. Oaki is dressed up in a sheet and can't wait to pop out of hiding and make you jump. Oh and then there the beautiful Midnight Wish, normally pearly white, Wish has got in the Halloween spirit and turned goth for a little while. 

The newbies for 2018 are Lucky the cat, if she crosses your path you with be sprinkled in her fortune (and possibly a little bit of cat hair) and the wonderful Mimi the witch who can turn you into a frog with the wave of her wand - but only if you're a baddie.  She much prefers sparkly spells and tossing glitter about the place. 


They are all made to order and each one is made by my own fair hands. They will all be made and sent out before Halloween (obviously!) and with you asap