Super Hero Masks

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⚡️ Just for little super heroes, I make these soft acrylic felt masks with adjustable matching ribbon ties in a rainbow of colours. 

if you’d like a colour combo not listed or a sparkly star (ie. Red mask with yellow ribbon and gold star) please do write me a note as you checkout as I can totally sort that out for you. 

⚠️ Please note, children should always be supervised when using their masks for their safety. 


- Unnecessary Side Note & Genesis of this product 

I first made a mask like this for my son when he was 4 years old and, I kid you not, he barely took it off for 6 months. I actually had to make a new one and switch it when he was asleep one night because it was almost in tatters. 

He was going through an unsettled patch and I think it have him a sense of comfort and maybe made him feel a bit braver.  We maybe all need a power up mask like that.  ⚡️