Magick Spell Colour Candles

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Double double, toil and trouble! 

A rainbow set of 12 little candles perfect for spell casting! Each candle holds different powers and energies and I will also include with your order a mystical parchment I found *spine chilling tingle* which explains the properties of each colour and what it can bring into your life and a freebie magical spell to try too. 

🖤 Banishing toxicity • block negativity

❤️ Love • confidence • creativity 

🧡 Intellect • justice • joy

💛 Focus • clarity • free mental blocks

💚 Prosperity • riches • growth 

💙 Communicating • peace • forgiveness 

💜 Spiritual awakening • wisdom 

💗 Friendship • self-love • happiness 

🤍 Absorbs negativity • cleansing 

"Color magick is using the color spectrum and the intention of each color to invoke its magical response," says witch and art advisor Sarah Potter (possibly related to Harry, I’m not sure) 

They burn for upto 90mins which should be enough time to finish even the longest incantations.  They are small but mighty each measuring approx 11cm tall and 12mm wide. Oh and the candles are plain, the text you see on the photograph is photo editing not writing on the actual physical candles in case you were wondering. 

SIDENOTE - This product is for FUN and is no way officially endorsed by the occult or sexy dark forces (soz!). When my little girl needed a confidence boost we would do little spells, crush flower petals, dance around, make it all up as we went along and with the dangerous element of lighting a candle, it really made her believe we were performing fantastical things! I hope you can have some (safe and supervised) fun together too.  

legal bit ⚠️

BE CANDLE SAFE - Never leave a burning candle unattended. Only for adult use and supervision. Ensure to extinguish flames properly with a snuffer. Keep out of reach of children and pets to be safe safe safe, we don’t want any accidents