Count Flapula TillyTino™️

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He’s so smol!
This is his royal vampire-ness, Count Flapula.

Don’t be fooled by his adorable appearance, he is a terrifying creature and would swoop down into your hair to suck your delicious human blood ... but he’s currently undergoing some dental treatment and only has one wobbly fang left. But when his big boy fangs come in, you’re going to be in trouble!! 

He measures approx 90mm with an impressive wingspan of around 150mm 

Count Flapula is handmade, created from a turned wooden frame and hand finished with felt, stitches and a few sparkly bits and all my TillyTinos arrive with a silver leaf charm round their neck. He also comes in a printed hessian bag to keep him safe. 

 ⚠️  He is not a toy, he’s a very dangerous creature as I said and small parts may come loose so please just look at him as he doesn’t like being played with by smol people.