Little Box of HappyMess

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To be shipped on 5th September 

It’s here, it’s here!!! 

I’m delighted to announce that here are my surprise boxes of “HappyMess”

As a grown up there aren’t many lovely surprises that drop into our lives or through the letterbox and I wanted to create a box of things that I’d love to receive myself.

NOT a subscription box, I’m selling them on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. 

You will receive a pink box full of lovely things.

There are several things inside the box, all surprises, most of them pretty AND practical a lot of them are handmade too - you can eat/drink some things, maybe wear or sniff something else, a few things you may want to dot about your house and a few are just for you.

The contents all together are worth over £35 and they are carefully selected or made with fans of pastels, luxe sparkles and rainbows in mind.  

There are 24 boxes available this time.

When they’re gone, I’m afraid they’re gone BUT the boxes are monthly so turn on the post notifications on social media so you don’t miss when the next one is available to order. 

They are almost ready to ship so they will be with you soon (you will get an email to let you know it’s on it’s way)