Wholesale Ordering

If you have a business and would like to stock EBM products, I offer wholesale discounts on anything I hand make.  Prices vary depending on how much you would like to order but you can expect to pay upto 35% less than the retail price in my shop. 

I like to discuss your needs and agree on a price depending on your circumstances.

Though not expected straight away, payment must be made in full before anything is dispatched to you. 

You can use my shop pricing as a RRP guide to work out your margins but you may charge whatever you like once the products are in your shop, I don’t interfere, promise! 

Because business changes all the time, you’re under no obligation at all.  You can choose to place an order as and when suits you.

if you think we could work well together, please email me and we can have a proper chat about it ❤️