Teacher Star Keyring

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“Thank you for helping me SHINE” 🌈⭐️

Teachers love gold stars so give them their own. A handmade gift for those special teachers that help little minds grow and flourish to their full potentials. 

Some teachers are true gems and see the potential shining from littlies. They have an incredible way of building confidence and celebrating all the mini wins along the way. I really wanted the new star range to be for those parents who have seen their children be cheered on by special teachers and be a special way to say a massive “thank you” when they’ve made such a difference in just one year together.

I’ve sold the cute Apple “Thank you for helping me grow” range for nearly SEVEN years now and an Apple Card was the first thing I ever sold!! I thought it was time to offer something new alongside the apples.

These key rings are double sided, squishy and come with a rainbow ribbon loop and lobster clip for bags, keys, lanyards and other teacher stuff. 🌈⭐️