Day 10 • World Peace Please

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World Peace, please! 🌎❤️
Day Ten


One of the most important messages to hold dear to our hearts is the idea of peace and love the world over. Some would argue that that’s impossible but it absolutely is impossible if we give up on the idea. 

This squishy, sparkly Earth has a teeny smile and a fuzzy love heart and a stripy hanging loop attached. 

The world is glittery on the back too so it will sparkle as it twirls about in the fairy lights. 

It measures approx 10cm tall but as each bauble is made to order and this can vary slightly, just so you know.  

(that’s not necessary but it’s coming anyway)

Writing this product description had me humming “All we are saaaaying…. Give peace a chance”.
A lovely song but I was an adult before I realised the words weren’t in fact “skippys a tramp” as I used to loudly sing. 

I felt bad for Skippy.