Niji Nail Twins - Fiver Friday Offer

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Don’t you just love surprises?! You will receive 2 of these outrageously cute, bright, beautiful nail varnishes at random and each one is unique with different hair and polish colour. Some are sparkly, some bold, some muted, some vampy, some pretty and pinky, some peachy nudes and one is invisible (well, ok maybe it’s clear) but all of them, totally adorable! 

The pretty little things are in glass bottles (with little arms!) and they stand approx 60mm tall with 5ml of nail polish inside. 

⚠️I know that you’re ever so sensible and totally will supervise children when using these. They are not toys and the contents are potentially harmful (not just to your carpets and curtains). So please never give them to an unattended child as we wouldn’t want any accidents! 

The offer will be on until Monday 18th to allow for any social media posts that pop up late ❤️