Gold Monochrome Pen Set

Ellie's Beautiful Mess

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I know! They're beautiful aren't they?

Let me start by saying the box is indeed a treat in itself. Slide the windowed cover upwards to reveal the black and white striped insert securely holding these three beauties.

i know a lot of you are pen enthusiasts so let me paint you a picture and tell you a thing or two about them ... 

• they are a very smooth to write with (non scratchy) ballpoint will all important black ink - the most sophisticated of all the inks I'm sure you'll agree. 

• they are what I would call "light" to hold but heavy enough to feel comfortable (and a little luxurious too) 

• they would make a fabulous gift (even if it's a gift to you with love from you) 

Designed by Alice Scott - we are very lucky to stock this gorgeous monochrome range of specialist stationery just for you at ebm. 

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