Progress is all part of the Process

Things I've learnt from five years in business I wish I knew at the start....


❤️ •You can survive on three hours sleep - not well, but you'll live


🧡 • From the first message you can usually get the measure of someone and you should trust that instinct


💛 • “Contacts" and "networking" and business talk in general is utter tripe!! You make friends because they help you survive the rough times and they ‘get it’


💚 • You don't have to be perfect, or even that professional, but you should always be honest


💙 • The times that everything is going to shit and you're in over your head, you have to put your phone down and do fun stuff.


💜 • Take risks. All the risks. Some pay off!


💖 • Get money up front.

It's worth saying that again GET MONEY UP FRONT - saves awkwardness


❤️ • People will copy and you'll be mad and then they'll disappear so don't think on it too much. They’re already ten steps behind you anyway.


🧡 • You're allowed to say no - politely, but you're allowed.


💛 • Maintaining a five star rating is impossible because the more people you deal with the higher the likelihood you'll encounter those people who cannot ever be pleased no matter how many hoops you jump through.  Elsa it and just “let it goooooo”


💚 • The people that succeed in anything aren't especially clever or gifted or lucky, they just didn't give in


💙 • Try to not to say negative stuff and don't ever direct it at people. Never let things spill onto your business page however mad you get. I've done it. All it does is make the reader feel awkward. Bitterness ain't flattering.


💜 • Be 100% authentic. there's no such thing as competition when you're yourself. You're a one off.


💖 • Support and help and like and comment all you can to help everyone else out with their businesses. It's ace to see your friends thrive and maybe they will go in different directions to you but are still smashing it.


❤️ • Oh and you will never ever ever, if you live to be 100, get to the end of your to do list. Find a new dream. It's just living life running downhill and it's ace.



That's all I have to say about that really ❤️💕 You can’t be perfect but strive for excellence - much more realistic

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