We all have times when we are frazzled, emotionally exhausted and in a total brain funk. This feeling is often is accompanied by our dear friends anxiety, frustration and a general feeling of “blah” joining the party too.

Here are some ways that will help you back to the path of feeling your usual upbeat self again.  Stop rushing and slow your pace.


  1. Do nothing. Some of the best advice my mum has given me is when faced with a big decision, a choice or path to take and you don’t know what to do, do nothing. Make no big decisions, take no drastic action and given the time, the right thing to do will become patently clear.  Do not force a decision as it’s very likely to be the wrong one.
  2. Go outside. Even if it’s chucking it down with rain or blowing a gale, get your shoes on and go outside and be in the fresh air. There is something so cleansing being at the mercy of the elements - feeling the sun on your face or being soaked to the skin is a reminder that we are an infinitely smaller part of a much grander plan.
  3. Create calm somewhere. Our surroundings are often a reflection of what’s going on inside our head. Choose just one shelf is disarray, a messy drawer, or a corner of a room to start with and restore calm there.  Clean it and make it sparkle, remove what shouldn’t be there and marvel at this mini triumph.  Set yourself achievable goals to avoid setting yourself up for disappointment.
  4. Seek human company. This sounds so ridiculously simplistic but it’s often overlooked. Time spent chatting and laughing is never ever wasted. Make a date with a friend for coffee or invite someone over because otherwise life can pass you by.  They need your company too.
  5. Ask. Maybe you feel unappreciated and overworked. You may be taking care of everyone’s needs around you but you should allow them the pleasure of taking care of yours too.  Ask for something simple that they can do that would make you feel happy.  Don’t huff around in a grump hoping they telepathically pick up what you want them to do, express it to them clearly and this will create a more harmonious balance with less resentment.
  6. Make a plan.  Having a head full of tasks you ‘should’ be doing is a heavy burden to carry around. Somehow, writing them down can relieve the pressure. Seeing what jobs are to be done and deciding in what order to complete them allows you to have your brain power back.  The satisfaction of ticking things off a list is wonderful.
  7. Earth yourself. There’s a thought that we become charged and as that energy builds up inside us, it can greatly affect our mood. Many believe that earthing it can help.  There are several ways to ‘earth’ yourself and expend this energy through meditation, exercise, literally putting your hands in earth and gardening or simply removing your shoes and being barefoot can have a positive effect.  Give it a go, try a raw connection with the earth however you feel comfortable.
  8. trust that it will pass. It will all pass. Try an focus your mind and tell yourself that these feelings are real and they may hurt now but they won’t last forever.
  9. Create something beautiful. Paint, sculpt,  build something, fix something, grab the felt tips, make play doh food, sort through the photos on your phone but use the creative part of you to make something that makes your heart happy.
  10. Listen to music.  When I feel down and overly emotional, my usual music choice can make me feel worse. If this is you, try classical music. It’s beautiful, emotive and has been known to lower your blood pressure, help with anxiety, lift mood, can even reduce pain in some circumstances.
  11. Journal. A pen and a scrap of paper will do for starters.  Unspool your thoughts by writing down your feelings.  Keep writing even if you think it’s rubbish. Sometimes you unblock something quite unexpectedly and write things down that you weren’t consciously thinking.


Be gentle with yourself. The badass you will return. Flowers only bloom part of the year, maybe you are somewhere dark now because you’ve been planted 😜🌱 chin up, buttercup. You got this.


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