2017 is going to be a gem

Eloise Crosby

I feel I blinked and missed most of 2016 and there's only a week of it left! 

But 2017 is going to be a big year for EBM. We have a bit of experience behind us now, over two years, not quite as "wet behind the ears" thanks to trial and error. It makes you learn really fast when you fall flat on your face a couple of times but the main thing is to get up every time and try not to let it put you off taking the next leap into the unknown. 

Expect more handmade TillyTino cuteness, a super dooper all-singing all-dancing NEW website. Faster deliveries and turnaround times and a few sparkly surprises. 

2017 - bring it on 

happy new year, you messy little lot xx 



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